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This research identifies activities that Maltese School-based Counsellors (MSC) engage in and perceived as appropriate for their role. The article also compared Maltese schoolbased counselling with counselling in other countries. The results reflect both (a) the influence of the American and British models of counselling and (b) the unique cultural context. MSCs evidenced congruence with regard to perceptions of appropriateness and actual activities carried out. However some activities, which they considered as appropriate, were not being carrying out. This may mean either that counsellors’ workloads were untenable, or that the job descriptions, remits and boundaries of the psychosocial team in the Maltese model may be limiting practice. Recommendations include reflecting on the Maltese psychosocial system so that students can best benefit from all the teams’ professionals, at the same time, allow for flexibility and trans-disciplinary teamwork to reduce fragmentation (e.g., Klein, 2008; Liao, 2016; Vyt, 2015).