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This article presents the results of survey research on Kenyan professional school-based counsellor’s perceptions of roles and appropriate activities. Data were collected from 47 Kenyan counsellors using the International Survey of School-Based Counselling Activities. Mean subscale scores and standard deviations were employed to analyse data across five dimensions of the school-based counsellor role practice: Counselling Services; Advocacy and Systemic Improvement; Prevention Programs; Administrator Role; and Educational Career Planning. Results indicated that Kenyan counsellors’ highest scale of preference for role/responsibility they perform was Counselling Services (one-to-one counselling service and group counselling aimed at improving children and adolescences’ mental health and academic performance). Results also indicated that Kenyan counsellors perceived Administrator Role activities as the least cogent of their responsibilities. It is suggested that these findings will facilitate future comparative research on school-based counsellors’ roles and responsibilities and promote the building up of a body of literature that will inform policy development.