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This article is the second of a two-part series that describes the development of the Taxonomy of Policy Levers to Promote High Quality School-Based Counseling. A previous article (Morshed & Carey, in press) described the development of the Taxonomy using content analysis of existing published descriptions of policy levers used to promote quality school-based counseling. This present article tested the utility and comprehensiveness of the Taxonomy by having experts from South Korea, Nigeria, and West Virginia review policies in their regions.. They analyzed the utility and comprehensiveness of the Taxonomy by using it to describe the school-based counseling policy landscape in their own contexts. Overall, the Taxonomy provided a useful framework for identifying policy levers that were implemented as well as the levers which were not implemented but could be put in place to further improve school-based counseling. Four additional levers were added, and the revised Taxonomy is presented. Additional research to expand the taxonomy is suggested, and the utility of the taxonomy to guiding policy research and evaluation is explained.