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A national study of school counselor role and professional activities (Fan et al., 2019) was replicated using a West Virginia (WV) school counselor sample to determine if WV’s unique context and state policies would reflect a difference in how counselors perceive their roles and conduct professional practices. The comparison between WV sample and its national counterparts showed that school counselors grade level is robustly related to professional practice, with high school counselors demonstrating different levels of work focus than middle and elementary counselors. The WV sample did not demonstrate any practically significant differences from the previously collected national U.S. sample (Fan et al. 2019) on any ISSCA-US subsamples or items. While these results add confidence to the generalizability of Fan et al.’s (2019) findings, interestingly, no differences in role or practice were identified given the significant state policy initiatives to tailor school counseling practice towards state needs, models, and approaches.