Submissions from 2018


Achieving Acetylcholine Receptor Clustering in Tissue-Engineered Skeletal Muscle Constructs In vitro through a Materials-Directed Agrin Delivery Approach, John B. Scott, Catherine L. Ward, Benjamin T. Corona, Michael R. Deschenes, Benjamin S. Harrison, Justin M. Saul, and George J. Christ

Submissions from 2017


Development of a Patient-centered Outcome Measure for Emergency Department Asthma Patients, Margaret E. Samuels-Kalow, Karin V. Rhodes, Mira Henien, Emily Hardy, Thomas Moore, Felicia Wong, Carlos A. Camargo, Caroline T. Rizzo, and Cynthia Mollen

Submissions from 2014

Aberrant myst4/brpf1 Signaling Misdirects Regional Neurogenesis Programs, Sustaining Expression of Self-Renewal Genes in Pediatric Brain Cancers, Timothy E. Van Meter, Asadullah Khan, Kevin Fitzmartin, and Timothy E. Van Meter

Novel chromatin regulatory activity of ESCO2 in cancer and neural development, Timothy E. Van Meter, James Lister, Asadullah Khan, Alec Weech, Jocelyn Terry, and Timothy E. Van Meter

SUV420-mediated heterochromatin changes in pediatric brain cancers, Timothy E. Van Meter, Nathan Rockwell, Asadullah Khan, Jocelyn Terry, Sarah Goggin, and Priya Nethala