Supplement 1. Data set used in the meta-analysis and associated references.

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File List RefTableS1.txt -- contains the full reference for studies cited in TableS1.csv TableS1.csv -- contains the data used in the meta-analysis Description This data set has been compiled by the authors of this article as part of their participation in Adaptive Synthesis Workshop III, Bio.M.E.R.G.E. (Biotic Mechanisms of Ecosystem Regulation in the Global Environment) organized by Shahid Naeem, Columbia University. The authors would appreciate being first contacted by those individuals interested in conducting further analyses based on this data set. TableS1.csv consists of data and statistics from 28 studies that examined the effects of either consumer (detritivore) or detrital diversity on resource depletion (RD), standing stocks of consumers (SSc), and/or standing stocks of detritus (SSd). Reasons behind non-calculable (n/c) entries are outlined in the article text. In the file TableS1.csv, the columns are: Expt = Experiment Study = study citation, see reference list in this Supplement From = Data source (F = Figure, T = Table) TL = Trophic level manipulated (TD = consumer, BU = detritus) Response = Response metric (RD = resource depletion, SSd = standing stock detritus, SSc = standing stock consumers) RD = RD measure (C = consumption, I = instantaneous, T = temporal change) Consumer = Consumer type (B = bacteria, F = fungi, M = metazoa) System = (A = aquatic, T = terrestrial) Setting = Experiment setting (1 = lab or greenhouse, 2 = field) Manip = Richness manipulation (1 = full assembly, 2 = random assembly, 3 = nonrandom) MaxS = Maximum richness Length = Experiment duration (days) PopDyn = Population dynamics (Y = occurred, N = did not occur) LRR = log response ratio vLRR = variance in LRR ciLRR = (+/-) 95% CI for LRR Z = Power function exponent r2Z = Power function r-squared seZ = S.E. power function exponent Cell values that are either not calculable or not applicable are indicated as 'NA'. Checksum values for the numerical columns are: Setting: 120 Manip: 145 MaxS: 690 Length: 10205.66 LRR: 7.8815 vLRR: 1251.237 ciLRR: 101.6575 Z: 7.4845 r2Z: 4819.6 seZ: 8.3824


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