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This teaching tool relies heavily on the references listed at the end of each section. The text could be liberally footnoted, but such referencing would inhibit readability. Instead, key points in the text are numerically coded to one of the listed references that discusses the issue and will, in turn, direct students to additional sources of information. Those students desiring additional details, formal proofs, and graphical demonstration of the concepts presented are invited to investigate the references provided; such formalization of the concepts is beyond the scope of this teaching instrument. The purpose of these readings, in part, is to encourage the interested student to become aware of the rich academic literature underlying the study of auditing.

See also:

Wallace, Wanda, "Instructor's Manual: The Economic Role of the Audit in Free and Regulated Markets" (1980). Open Education Resources (OER). 1.

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This teaching tool has been developed through the support of the Touche Ross & Co. Aid to Education Program. The object of the project is to promote the wide dissemination and use of the teaching tool in conjunction with any auditing text currently in use at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this teaching instrument for use in courses of instruction, so long as the source and supporter are indicated in any such reproductions. This teaching supplement is believed to fill a void in the available instruction materials for auditing. It serves as a link between the economics and finance training of the students and the detailed study of auditing by describing auditing as an economic service.

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