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Anyone serving as a campus-based fraternity/sorority advisor can attest to the complexity of navigating roles as advocate, advisor, change agent, and more. Further, the storied histories and contemporary challenges facing fraternity/ sorority life (FSL) and higher education professionals is increasingly demanding. The authors of Supporting Fraternities and Sororities in the Contemporary Era: Advancements in Practice present a much needed updated reference text examining the multiple facets FSL and other higher education professionals must be attuned to in supporting students involved in FSL organizations. Appropriately, the editors acknowledge FSL is filled with contradictions fostering positive and negative opportunities for student development (Sasso et al., 2020). This text brings together a group of researchers and scholar-practitioners making this text an excellent reference for graduate preparation programs, professional development, and the budding researcher interested in FSL issues. Additionally, this text offers some examination of areas underserved by much of the published literature on FSL (e.g. Latino/a organizations, historically Native American fraternities & sororities, and issues related to diversity & inclusion).