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September 2012



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The purpose of study was to determine sorority members’ frequency of meal consumption versus meals offered in sorority houses at a flagship university in the south and to compare the Body Mass Indices (BMIs) of sorority members who consumed less than six (<6) meals to those who consumed six or more (≥6) meals/week at their sorority houses. Another object of this study was to note the relationship between frequency of sorority meal consumption and adequacy of sorority members’ diets in relation to MyPyramid. The sample consisted of 72 Panhellenic sorority members ages 18-22 year sold at the time of participation. All members completed a “Questionnaire of Eating Behaviors” and a 24-hour dietary recall. Weight, height, and number of servings consumed of each MyPyramid food group were recorded. Members consuming ≥6 meals/week at their sorority houses had greater mean intake of each food group and lower mean BMIs than those consuming <6 meals. According to the results of this study, structured meals and meal times may help sorority members maintain a healthier weight.