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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, Regional Resilience Council Meeting


The objective of StormSense is to enhance the capability of communities to prepare and respond to the disastrous impacts of sea level rise and coastal flooding in ways that are replicable, scalable, measurable, and make a comparable difference worldwide. The StormSense Project is an inundation forecasting research initiative partially funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to advance the field of emergency preparedness for flooding resulting from storm surge, rain, and tides. The scope of the project encompasses the interests of coastal local governments wishing to enhance their emergency preparedness via a network of 'Internet of Things' (IoT)-enabled water level sensors, collaborating with the hydrodynamic flood modeling and forecasting capabilities of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) and their VIMS TideWatch Network.


The 22 sites identified by VIMS' SCHISM hydrodynamic model as unique enough for observation value are highlighted in red, while the rest of the 86 sites I showed in my presentation in March (on Slide 21) are shown in black. I also included the current array of NOAA and USGS sensors in Blue, for reference.

The 22 sensor site map is live at:



StormSense, Hampton Roads, Virginia, Sea Level Rise, Coastal Flooding