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Juvenile striped bass seining program.

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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The research reported herein is directly in response to priorities established in the "Action Plan" of the Emergency Striped Bass Study (the Chafee Amendment (PL 96-118) of the Anadromous Fish Conservation Act (PL 89-304)). The Amendment was the result of a decline in striped bass landings along the Atlantic Coast that began in the mid-1970's. The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) ha~ previously conducted a juvenile striped bass seining program from 1967 through 1973 which was discontinued at that point due to a loss of funding. The program was reinstated in 1980 with funding from the National Marine Fisheries Service under the Chafee Amendment . This report summarizes the results of the 1986 sampling period and compares these results with the previous work .


Part I: Juvenile Striped Bass Seining Program- August 1986-June 1987

Part II: Characterization of Virginia's Commercial Fisheries - August 1986-June 1987



Striped bass -- Virginia; Striped bass fisheries -- Virginia; Striped bass -- Chesapeake Bay (Md. and Va.)