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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special Report in Applied Marine Science and Ocean Engineering (SRAMSOE) No. 220


This report, Shoreline Erosion in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Problems, Practices, and Possibilities, is a report on the physical, legal, and economic aspects of shoreline erosion in Virginia. Although erosion is a physical process, it generally is not perceived as a problem until it has an economic impact on either an individual, community, or resource. As management of the impacts of erosion involves land use, economic, and legal issues as well as a technical assessment of the problem, an interdisciplinary approach was required. Authors Byrne and Hobbs are physical scientists with experience and interest in the workings of the shoreline. Theberge is a lawyer specializing in marine affairs. Kerns, Langeland, and Scheid are resource economists and environmental planners; and Barber and Olthof are land use planners. The division of responsibilities followed the obvious lines. The physical scientists described the problem and its causes and provided the technical analysis of the shoreline. The economists explored the costs of erosion and of combating erosion and , .. developed the economic decision framework. The planners considered the institutional arrangements and policies necessary for the rational treatment of erosion; and the legal experts researched the existing body of law pertaining to shoreline erosion. The four groups functioned as a team with continuous interaction and discussion among all participants.



Shoreline Management, Shore Protection, Erosion