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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special scientific report (Virginia Institute of Marine Science); no. 24, 3rd revision


This list is the third revision of a preliminary list compiled by Dr. Willis G. Hewatt in 1959. This latest revision has been shortened by the deletion of most oceanic species. Conversely, a number of estuarine species have been added through further work. Those species known from the published work of the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Solomons Island, Maryland, have been included.

For several groups the list should be quite complete; for others, such as the amphipods, of which there are 21 unidentified species in the VIMS collection, much taxonomic work remains. Since many species have been identified only by the compiler, a few errors may be present.

Numerous literature references deemed pertinent have been added, with some annotations. While the taxonomic study of macroinvertebrates in the Chesapeake estuary seems near completion, the compilation of ecological and life history information appears only to have reached a threshold of understanding. Most of such information included herein should be reg-arded as general and subject to revision as intensive studies are made.



Aquatic invertebrates--Virginia, Marine invertebrates--Virginia, Estuarine ecology--Virginia