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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special report in applied marine science and ocean engineering ; no. 124.


The Cooperative State Agencies (CSA) program is a continuing activity of the Virginia State Water Control Board and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, devoted to the development of water quality predictive tools, and to the monitoring of water quality in the Virginia tidal waters. This report summarizes the field survey .of water quality and the development of a mathematical model for the Piankatank River, which is a tributary estuary of the Chesapeake Bay.

An intensive water quality field survey was conducted in July 1975. An additional dye study was conducted in October 1975. The hydrographic and water quality data, combined with measured bathymetric profiles, were used to construct and calibrate a one-dimensional, time-dependent mathematical water quality model. The model simulates the distribution of dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand (both NBOD and CBOD) and salinity.



Water quality -- Virginia -- Piankatank River Estuary; Water quality -- Virginia -- Piankatank River Estuary -- Mathematical models