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The Virginia Fishery Resource Grant Program (VFRGP) was initiated by the Virginia Legislature in 1999 to “protect and enhance the Commonwealth’s coastal fishery resource through the awarding of grants.” Since its inception, the VFRGP has been administered by the Virginia Graduate Marine Science Consortium which has established the Advisory Board described in the enabling legislation; implemented proposal solicitation, review and selection procedures that avoid conflict of interest; and awarded funds for fifty-seven (57) projects since the VFRGP was initiated, five of which were begun since January, 2006. The projects initiated in 2006 account for $130,018 of the appropriated $210,000. Program administration costs were $42,603 during 2006. Uncommitted 2006 funds plus the $210,000 appropriated for FY2007 will be used to support new project proposals that have been solicited by a Request for Proposals issued in late 2006 for project initiation in early 2007.


Report to the Virginia General Assembly on Implementation of House Bill No. 1634 (February 6, 1999)- “The Fishery Resource Grant Fund”



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