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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special Report in Applied Marine Science and Ocean Engineering (SRAMSOE) No. 417.


This report has several sections. General coastal zone management considerations and existing conditions along the Mathews County shoreline are discussed. The overall Mathews shoreline was divided into three reaches: Reach 1, Piankatank River, Hills Bay, and Queens Creek; Reach 2, New Point Comfort to Gwynn’s Island including Milford Haven; and Reach 3, Mobjack Bay, East River, and North River. Each reach is discussed in terms of specific shore conditions as well as design considerations and shore stabilization recommendations. Reach 2 is slightly different from the other reaches in that it includes the high energy Chesapeake Bay shoreline. For this section of shore, recommendations were made at both the lot-by-lot level as well as for the larger subreach. Specific areas where the larger, subreach shoreline strategies were recommended are: Gwynn’s Island, Rigby Island/Festival Beach/Bethel Beach, New Point Campground/Sandy Bank, Chesapeake and Bavon Beaches. The maps portraying the recommended strategies are in Appendix B. The index map will locate the appropriate plate for the shoreline section of interest. A table listing the characteristics of each site and the recommended strategies follow each map.


Prepared for Mathews County and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation



Shore protection -- Virginia -- Mathews County; Shorelines -- Virginia -- Mathews County; Coastal zone management -- Virginia -- Mathews County


This project was funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation through grant number 2007-81-014