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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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This annual report covers the period October, .1973 through September, 1974. It is the seventh report generated by' the project, with 3-year completion reports prepared in 1970 and 1973. The project· is continuing at VIMS and each year allows stronger conclusions to be made concerning trends in the basic population parameters studied.

The 1970-1973 completion report was widely distributed in Virginia, libraries at fishery science institutes, and throughout the National Marine Fisheries Service. The completion report analyzed data from the entire history of the project. In many cases the entire summarized data core for a particular segment was presented, e.g. mortality rates and age composition of the run since 1966. Some jobs were presented in final. analysis form, because they were made inactive after 1973. The history of the foreign fleet activities was presented with an analysis of their effect on the anadromous alosids. '


Project Period: October 16, 1973 - September 30, 1974



Alosa -- Virginia; Anadromous fishes -- Virginia; Atlantic herring fisheries -- Virginia; Shad fisheries -- Virginia