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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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The number of pound nets and the catch of· alosines per net continued to decline in 1975. Effort by gill nets.· increased but catch estimates declined. The James River · yielded an estimated 853,847 pounds of American shad (down 47% from 1974) with the peak of the run at the end of March. Stake gill nets landed 246,036. pounds of American shad in the York River, a decrease from 1974. Estimates of Hickory shad landings declined 83% in the York River. Pound nets in the Rappahannock River had a 75% reduction in American shad catch and stake gill net catch was down 13% from 1974. River herring catch estimates were down 13% in the Rappahannock River. Pound net catches of American shad declined 47% while landings from stake gill nets increased by 44% from 1974 in the Potomac River. River herring landings increased 34% in the Potomac River. More ....


Project Period: October 1, 1974 - September 30, 1975



Alosa -- Virginia; Anadromous fishes -- Virginia; Atlantic herring fisheries -- Virginia; Shad fisheries -- Virginia