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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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The objective of this project is to develop a modeling package to assist in water quality management of small coastal basins (SCBs) of the Chesapeake Bay system. Efforts by the Commonwealth to address water quality and its effect on living resources in tidal, estuarine systems has focused primarily on the Chesapeake Bay and the major tributaries of the lower bay (James, York and Rappahannock Rivers), as evidenced by the extensive monitoring and modeling efforts directed to them. This has been at the expense of smaller coastal basins such as the Great Wicomico River and the numerous tidal creek systems of the Eastern Shore. In many instances there is insufficient information about water quality and living resources in SCBs to even identify system problems, much less to determine what, if any, management action to take. Despite the lack of directed efforts in the small coastal basins, these areas represent significant habitat for living resources that warrant protection from impaired water quality conditions. (more ....)


A Report to Department of Conservation and Recreation, Commonwealth of Virginia



Water quality -- Virginia -- Great Wicomico River -- Mathematical models