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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Sea scallop dredges constructed with 3.25 inch (82 mm) and 3.50 inch (87 mm) rings were towed side-by-side to assess differences in harvesting efficiency and size selectivity of sea scallops (Piacopecten magellanicus). One hundred tows were made within the Canadian portion of Georges Bank from the northern edge eastward and south to the southeastern pari near Corsair Canyon. Quantities of and size distribution of scallops harvested were assessed for each dredge. Data will be analyzed to assess size selectivity and technical efficiency of scallop vessels operating in both the U.S. and Canadian portion of Georges Bank and factors affecting the size of scallops that were retained or discarded by the crew. Additional information pertaining to scallop moisture and protein at harvest and at offloading was collected.


Sea scallop fisheries; dredge; tow log data