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John Pleasants, Virginia Institute of Marine Science (Project Leader)

W. J. Hargis, Jr., Committee member

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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The Outer Continental Shelf Advisory Committee was \ the Secretary of Commerce and Resources, Earl J. Shiflet, in July, 1974. This action was taken based upon the realization that the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) was a likely area for the development of offshore oil and gas resources, and that such development could have profound and far reaching impacts upon the Commonwealth. Such impacts could either be beneficial or detrimental or both, depending greatly upon the preparations made by the Commonwealth beforehand. Accordingly, Secretary Shiflet charged the OCS Advisory Committee to consider all facets of the situation, and to prepare a report recommending a posture for the Commonwealth.

The following report represents a first step in an effort to engender debate and discussion of the issues involved in the question of OCS development. It is the feeling of the committee that, while further discussion is necessary, and encouraged, on some particulars, there is general consensus on the content, conclusions, and recommendations presented herein.


A report of the Outer Continental Shelf Advisory Committee (Ad Hoc).


Continental shelf -- Virginia; Coastal zone management -- Virginia; Petroleum in submerged lands -- Virginia.