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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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This report describes the condition of leased oyster' grounds in the area which is adjacent to the proposed construction site of the second James River Bridge. This survey was accomplished by taking numerous samples of the bottom with the aid of patent tongs and counting numbers of living oysters and hard clams. The quantity of shells taken.was noted and observations were made on the nature of the· bottom. During this study, which extended frorri 31 July to 11 August, 1972, nine individual tracts of leased bottom were investigated, and ~222 samples of the bottom were collected (Table 1).

A second study was conducted during September and October, 1972 by an experienced diver who swam over all nine tracts to determine the density of exposed oyster shell, the character of the bottom and the number of living oysters.

A third study estimated dollar value of lands belonging to the Ballard Fish and 'Oyster Company adjacent to the present James River Bridge (See Appendix) .



Oysters -- Virginia -- James River, Oyster fisheries -- Virginia -- James River