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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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During the 3-year project period, augmentation of cultch material and transplanting of seed oysters as a means of increasing oyster production was used. Sites were selected for the planting and transplanting. These sites were evaluated based on several criteria. One of the major considerations is the relative abundance of previous spatfall or production in a given area. Several additional factors reviewed for selection included approximate date of peak setting, substrate type (muddy, sandy, rocky, etc. bottom), impact of MSX, estimate of bar potential, gross fishing efforts and salinity regimes. It is important to plant a week or two prior to peake setting, because if shells are planted much too early or late, they may become so fouled with marine organisms that spat or larvae will not set.


Oyster fisheries--Virginia. Oyster culture--Virginia.

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Completion report, period covered, April 15, 1979 to April 14, 1982. .


National Marine Fisheries Service contract NA 81 FAD VAAB.