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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Marine Advisory Program (MAP)

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Fishery Resource Grant FRG 1999-34


The purpose of this project, was to address the possibility of improving upon the cun-ent grow out procedures currently being used by the oyster aquaculture industty. I.e. Taylor floats - Rack and bag.

As stated in the proposal, the current adopted method of raising oysters is to use Taylor floats. This method has proven to be effective in producing market sized oysters in 1- 2 years, although intensive labor cost and high fouling rates decrease profit margins considerably. Also the availability of suitable sites is now under increased regulations and is not welcomed in some waterfront communities.

My proposal was to evaluate a new and novel grow-out technique. By placing nurse1y grown seed into a contained area whose seabed had been raised with the addition of oyster shells to a height of 6-8" above the surrounding areas it was presumed that the animals would grow to market size in a acceptable amount of time and require less maintenance, thus increasing profit margins by reducing labor.


Oyster aquaculture