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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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At the beginning of the fiscal year covered by this report the scope of the present study was restricted to an ecological consideration of the jellyfish, Chrysaora quinquecirrha. During the winter of 1968 the project proposal was amended broadly to include physiological, biochemical and developmental aspects and the taxonomic base was expanded to include the clover leaf jellyfish Aurelia aurita and the lions mane jellyfish Cyanea capillata.

It was not possible to initiate those physiological and developmental aspects that required the medusae of the two summer species until the last month covered by this report. However some activities on all phases were begun during the past winter and spring. In ) addition, these months were used effectively to recruit an excellent staff and to acquire and assemble the necessary equipment. At the end of the fiscal year all personnel had joined the staff and all phases were underway.



Scyphozoa; Jellyfishes -- Virginia