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Anadromous Fish Project

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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This report represents the final report for the 3-year segment 1970-1973 and the annual report for the contract period 1 October 1972 to 15 October 197 3. The projec.t has been active since 1965, thus relevant data has been carried forward, added to, and analyzed in this report. The analysis, however, remains subject to later refinement and possible reinterpretation, because many of the jobs and objectives will require several additional years of study before definitive conclusions can be generalized.

The data presented here supercedes similar tables presented in previous annual reports because we have now standardized methods and solidified our attempts at presenting various yearly indices, The changes in any method of analysis are stated within each subsection. This report, therefore, contains earlier data adjusted with derived correction factors so all units have the same base and assumptions.



Alosa -- Virginia, Anadromous fishes -- Virginia, Atlantic herring fisheries -- Virginia, Shad fisheries -- Virginia