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Anadromous Fish Project

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Fishing effort for herring and shad has been stable for the past three years in the lower Chesapeake Bay and tributaries. River herring catch in 1972 was slightly above the 1971 landings but continued to be very low.

River herring landings in U.S. waters have declined as the c.atch has been increased by non-nationals. The catch per unit of effort has decreased from 122.5 in 1965 to 30.3 in 1972 in Virginia waters. Total mortality rates for river herring were without significant trend from 1965-1971.

Twice as much towing effort was expended in 1972 as in other years. The abundance of juvenile alosids was much lower in 1972 than former years. The James once again led all rivers in alosid production.



Alosa -- Virginia, Anadromous fishes -- Virginia, Atlantic herring fisheries -- Virginia, Shad fisheries -- Virginia