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The Virginia Institute of Marine Science, together with other state agencies, has a continuing interest in preserving the coastline of Virginia, particularly, the Atlantic coastline in the vicinity of the resort city of Virginia Beach. Because a well maintained beach can serve several purposes, e.g., (1) providing public recreational areas, (2) protecting valuable properties that are located near coastline, and (3) reducing the rate of land loss, a great deal of efforts has been devoted to understand the processes that affect the change of shoreline. Among several erosion forces, waves are especially important elements as they can alter the shoreline significantly. To have a beach properly maintained, one may use several approaches, and perhaps use all available approaches in parallel to obtain the best results. In the coastal sector of Virginia Beach, beach nourishment using material from inland borrow pit have been done constantly during last two decades. The ability to find land sources of good beach-quality sand has become more difficult. The sand loss due to both shore normal and longshore transport creates the need to find a reliable source of good quality sand for future supply.

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