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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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SA V distribution data in this report are presented and discussed based on the segmentation scheme adopted by the Chesapeake Bay Program (Flemer et al., 1983) and described briefly in the Methods section of this report. This zonation scheme (Upper, Middle, and Lower zones) for Chesapeake Bay, which accommodates the Chesapeake Bay Program segmentation boundaries, was adapted from that used in previous SAV distribution reports (i.e., Orth et al., 1994) and established by Orth and Moore ( 1982), then modified by Orth et al., ( 1989). The 1996 data were edgematched using ARC/INFO GIS software, as were all the historical SAV bed data, in order to bring separately digitized USGS 7.5 minute topographic quadrangle SA V coverages into one unified coverage for the entire Chesapeake Bay (see Methods). Therefore, SAV distribution data presented in this report reflect edgematching adjustments, and differ from previously published data for those years derived from separate coverages which were not edgematched (i.e., Orth et al., 1992, 1993, and 1994).



SAV, Aquatic Vegetation, Virginia, Management