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During the period 1 September 1967 to 30 September 1969, Virginia Institute of Marine Science personnel were engaged in hydraulic model studies, mathematical and computer studies; and instrument and technique development. An investigation was made into the stability and reproducibility of an estuarine hydraulic model.

Studies were made of the dispension of point-source dye releases in an estuarine hydraulic model, and of the applicability of the results to the release of disease-resistant seed oysters.

Analytical studies were made of diffusion in estuaries and of the integro-differential equations for estuarine 'flow. Computer studies were made of two-dimensional estuarine circulation and of solution of the· one-dimensional equations by analogue simulation.

Development was carried out on an automated recording salinometer and on a miniaturized current meter for hydraulic models. Computer tech, niques were developed for use in hydraulic model work.



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