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Our objective under Task 1 was to make an assessment of the sedimentary features (sediment texture and structures) present in cores (obtained by vibratory method) at the project site in order to express an opinion as to the thickness of the "surface mobile sand layer". The mobile sand layer is that surficial sediment layer undergoing cut and fill episodes due to present day wave and current induced sediment transport. In addition, this report contains information extracted from existing literature on recent (1859 to 1968) shoreline behavior in the vicinity of the proposed outfall and on some aspects of surface sediment movement at a nearby site in 35 to 45 ft. water depths. Finally, this repo~t incorporates the results of a later VIMS study of the shallow water depth characteristics and bottom sediments landward of the earlier core hole sites. The results of latter study are fully presented in Appendix A.


Estuarine sediments -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach

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