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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Deep water dtnnp site 106 (DWD 106) is located 145 km off the coast of New Jersey and is bounded by the latitudes of ! 38°40' and 39°00'N and longitudes 72°00' and 72°30'W. The depth of DWD 106 varies from about 1300 min the northeast corner to • 2700 min the southwest (Fig. 1). Most of the site is deeper than 2000 m. Within DWD 106 is a smaller dwnp site that has been in use for many years for industrial wastes and munitions. Due south of DWD 106 is an additional dwnpsite (Fig. 1) at which the Atomic Energy Commission reported dumping radioactive wastes (rad site). The purpose of this report is to describe the fish fauna in the area of DWD 106 and to provide information on the ecology of dominant species.


Section I. Community structure of demersal fishes at Deep Water Dump Site 106 / J.A. Musick. --

Section II. Reproduction in fishes of DWD 106 / C.A. Wenner. --

Section III. Food habits of fishes of DWD 106 / G.R. Sedberry. --

Section IV. Possible effects of dumping industrial wastes at DWD 106 on demersal fishes. --

Section V. Recommendations.