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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Four wetland macrophytes of interest are found in the region of the proposed upgrade of the State Route 629 bridge crossing of the Mattaponi River. Two of these are State listed endangered or threatened species: the sensitive joint vetch (Aeschynomene virginica) and the mat-forming water-hyssop (Bacopa innominata). Two species, Long's bittercress (Cardamine longii) and Parker's pip~wort (Eriocaulon parkeri) are included on the Virginia watch list (Ludwig, 1992).

The purpose of this study was to locate and describe plant populations of the specified species (i.e. determine the size, spatial distribution, and density of extant populations) within a specified range of each proposed alternative, to investigate and describe the possible impacts each alternative of the project may have on extant populations, and to describe potential mitigation measures that could be used to minimize the impacts.


Final report submitted to Department of Transportation, Environmental Division.


Aeschynomene virginica -- Virginia -- Mattaponi River Bacopa innominata -- Virginia -- Mattaponi River Endangered plants -- Virginia -- Mattaponi River Bridges -- Environmental aspects -- Virginia -- Mattaponi River