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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Aberdeen Creek is located on the York River in Gloucester County, Virginia (Figure 1). At the narrow confluence of the York and Aberdeen, the creek takes about a 90-degree bend to the north (Figure 2) and widens to about 700 to 800 feet (ft) for about 2,000 ft. The creek then divides into two branches, one continuing north and one going east. These two prongs narrow quickly and become thin meandering tidal channels with adjacent marsh. The land use around the creek is mostly agricultural and wooded with some residential properties along its east side and along the York River shoreline. The west side of the creek is defined by a sand spit vegetated with high and low marsh that widens quickly into a peninsula north of the entrance. This spit has formed over the years of southward transport of eroding bank sediment along the York River. A sandy spit also occurs on the south side of the channel and has moved across a small tidal channel/marsh coming into Aberdeen Creek from the southeast. (...)