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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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  • Nitrification in upper James River / H. Kator, R. Wetzel, M. Rhodes, E. Koepfler, L. Morris. --
  • Tidal Prism Model manual / A.Y. Kuo, B. Diana, C.F. Cerco, & B. Neilson --
  • State of the rivers survey and analysis of slackwater data / A.Y. Kuo, J.G. Bradshaw, and B. Neilson --
  • Potomac embayment models / C.F. Cerco, A.Y. Kuo, P.V. Hyer, and B. Neilson -- Benthic data base / R.J. Diaz --
  • Sex ratio and gamete production in American oysters exposed to tributyltin in the laboratory / M.H. Roberts, M.E. Bender, P.F. De Lisle, H.C. Sutton, and R.L. Williams --
  • TBT in marina areas and freshwater effluent / R.J. Huggett, D.J. Westbrook --
  • Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon monitoring in estuaries: utiliIizing oysters and brackish water clams / M.E. Bender and H.D. Slone --
  • Bioconcentration of TBT from sediments by the oyster and hard clam / M.H. Roberts, M.E. Bender, and P.F. De Lisle --
  • Mass balance model of sediment and trace metals in the Elizabeth River / M.M. Nichols.


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