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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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  • Effects of suspended solids on the uptake and depuration of tributyltin by oysters / M.H. Roberts, P.F. De Lisle, and M.E. Bender. --
  • TBT monitoring in marinas / R.J. Huggett, D.A. Evans, D.J. Westbrook, E.J. Travelstead. --
  • Toxicity of natural waters to bivalve larvae / M.H. Roberts and P.F. De Lisle. --
  • Manual for testing natural waters for toxicity using larvae of the bivalve, Crassostrea virginica / M.H. Roberts and P.F. De Lisle. --
  • Anthropogenic organic chemicals in the surface microlayer / L. Gallo and M.E. Bender --
  • Sediment processes monitoring / B. Neilson --
  • Hypoxia in the lower Rappahannock Estuary / A.Y. Kuo --
  • Nitrification in the upper James River / H. Kator, R. Wetzel, E. Koepfler, L. Morris, M. Rhodes --
  • Benthic assessment procedures / M.W. Luckenbach, R.J. Diaz, and L.C. Schaffner --
  • Field studies at Oyster Slip / B. Neilson --
  • Kepone residue analysis / H.D. Slone and M.E. Bender --
  • Analysis of TBT samples / F.A. Espourteille, R.J. Huggett.


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