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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Compilation of 25 reports written between 1972 and 1975 summarizing the oyster industry and oyster research programs in Virginia.

  • Seed Oyster Production on Seaside of Virginia
  • Review of VIMS document on Eastern Shore fisheries
  • Notes on National Fisheries Plan draft October 1974
  • Soup oysters in Virginia
  • Legislative needs of shellfisheries.
  • Monitoring environmental stresses in York River.
  • Oyster culture in York River
  • Comments on MARAD waste treatment program
  • Production of superior oysters for mariculture.
  • Production of superior oysters for mariculture.
  • Mollusk studies, Annual Report 1972-73
  • Research goals and long-range programs
  • Notes on black bottoms in Rappahannock River
  • Oxygen depletion and black mud in Rappahannock River
  • Invasions of Corbicula fluminea.
  • Decline of oysters in upper James River after Agnes
  • Memo on manuscript on setting records in James River
  • Oyster disease (MSX) takes a holiday in 1972
  • SCUBA on shell planting over inshore Wreck Shoal
  • NMFS Project Backlog.
  • Request on transplanting oysters to Delaware waters
  • List of important mollusks occurring in areas of oil spills.
  • Mortalities of seed oysters in James River
  • Winterkill of oysters
  • Abundance of Mya in Mobjack Bay after Agnes


Oysters -- Research -- Virginia, Oyster culture -- Research -- Virginia, Oyster fisheries -- Research -- Virginia