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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Predation is recognized as an important factor regulating survival of larval fishes and it is likely that both fish and invertebrate species are predators of striped bass eggs and larvae, yet few studies have documented such interactions in tidal freshwater systems. As a result, this study incorporated the following objectives: (1) determine kinds and relative abundances of potential fish and invertebrate predators of striped bass larvae through field surveys: (2) document acceptability of yolksac larvae as a prey item through laboratory experimentation with fish and invertebrate species: (3) establish preliminary estimates of consumption of yolksac larvae under laboratory conditions of varying prey density, prey consumption and container size: and (4) examine stomach contents of field collected target fish predators.


Striped bass -- Larvae -- Virginia -- Pamunkey River, Striped bass -- Eggs -- Virginia -- Pamunkey River