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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Grab samples at 31 stations in the Hog Island region of the James River to evaluate the benthic fauna. All species of infauna taken were identified and weighed. Sediment particle size analysis was made at each station. This region is characterized by a low diversity. The dominant organism, Rangia cuneata, may occur in densities up to l,000/m2. Other organisms common to the area are Congeria leucophaeata, Scolecoleides viridis, Corophium lacustre, Leptocheirus plumulosus and Cyathura polita.

Laboratory studies werb made to determine the effects of temperature shock on oyster! larvae, Crassostrea virginica. 10° and 15° temperature shocks were used. Growth rate, mean mortality and percent setting were measured. Growth rate and setting were improved by a 10° temperature shock, while for 15° temperature-shocked larvae growth rate and setting were lower than control groups. Mortality rate was increased by both 10• and 15° temperature shocks.


Benthos -- Virginia -- James River Estuary, Oysters -- Virginia -- James River Estuary