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This report primarily serves to present minimally interpreted data from a tight spaced set of high-resolution, seismic-reflection, sub-bottom profiles obtained during the summer of 1992. The profiles were run in the inner continental shelf adjacent to Virginia Beach, Virginia as part of an investigation of offshore sounds potentially usable in beach nourishment and hurricane protection projects along Virginia's Atlantic shore south of the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. Figure 1 depicts the general study area.

Berquist and Gomillion (1993) presented an interpretation of a small portion of the work. A larger, interpretive report (Hardaway et al., 1995) also utilizes information from this set of sub-bottom profiles.

The full set of most recent studies builds upon, amplifies, and modifies the interpretations of a set of earlier works especially, Shideler et al. (1972), Swift et al. (1977), Williams (1987), Dame (1990), Kimball and Dame (1989), Kimball et al. (1991), Chen (1992), and Chen et al. (1995).


Sand -- Virginia -- Virginia Beach

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