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This annotated bibliography of research conducted within the Reserves boundaries is a living document and updated periodically as new and past publications become available to the Reserve. It is designed to identify and provide an abstract/summary of research publications conducted within the four component sites of the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve - Virginia system. Selected reference material is also available for Reserve relevant work conducted at multiple sites within the York River system.

In order to help facilitate searches, the bibliography is categorized by Reserve components (Goodwin Islands, Catlett Islands, Taskinas Creek, and Sweet Hall Marsh) and by work conducted in Multiple Sites along the York River. In addition, each component is subcategorized into biological, geological, chemical and physical, and cultural and socioeconomic subject headings based on the primary focus of the publication. Publications are listed in alphabetical order by senior author under appropriate headings. Following the reference citation, an abstract or summary of the publication is provided.


Note: William & Mary thesis and dissertations noted in this bibliography are available in the W&M ScholarWorks repository


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