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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Data Report Series (Virginia Institute of Marine Science); No. 12


The slack water survey program, which has been supp orted by the State Water Control Board and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science under the Cooperative State Agencies program, provides an extended series of tem perature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and nutrient measurements along the James River. These have been used to: 1) establish, verify, and update mathe matical and physical hydraulic models; 2) provide a baseline against which effects of unusual events have been measured; and could be used to: 3) es tablish annu al and longer period 11 climatological" trends in response to changing natural phenomena and man-made modifica tions to the estuary; 4) provide a basis against which fluctuations in biota could be compared. This report contains station locations, survey schedules, field procedures, sample handling procedures, and data reduction and storage procedures. In addition, 10 years of contoured temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen data is presented. The primary purpose of this report is to provide the data in a format which we believe will be useful to others. Analysis and interpretation of the data is underway and this will be the subject of a later report.



James River, VA, Water Quality, Salinity

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