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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Remote sensing techniques have been applied to problems in estuarine management in the seventh and final year of a NASA grant. A chromaticity technique for multi-date Landsat measurement of suspended sediment has been verified and made operational, and applied to sedimentation analysis of the ·Bay of Fundy Tidal Power Project. Dye-buoy photogrannnetry has been used to measure currents at depth and analyze suspended sediment plumes from hydraulic · dredging. Wetland permit sites and beach erosion site's have been evaluated with aerial photography. Submerged aquatic vegetation has been mapped with tide- and wind-synchronized color photography. Virginia state resource monitoring needs have led to implementation of Landsat data p.rocessing capability for joint work with NASA Goddard on demonstration projects. This final report contains summaries and tables of the projects and activities of the Remote Sensing Center over the past seven years.


Estuaries -- Virginia -- Remote sensing