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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Data report (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) ; no. 43


This report presents a summary page for each tow conducted by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Juvenile Fish and Blue Crab Trawl Survey during 1991. The sampling methods and summarized data are presented in Bonzek et al. (1992). Data analysis and calculations of juvenile indices for selected species are presented in Colvocoresses et al. (1991). The purpose of this report is simply to provide a "hard copy" record of trawl results. It also provides a method to retrieve information about one or several particular trawls without consulting computerized archives. · · All data about each tow are presented, except that length data are summarized to number measured, minimum size, maximum size, mean size, and standard error. Each page contains four major subsections:: Station Data, Atmospheric and Hydrographic Data, Comments; and Catch Summa:ry Data. Each subsection is further divided into groups of related data, such as Station Identification Data or Atmospheric Data.


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