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There were two important goals for this project, including the assembly and compilation of digital data for the Coastal Plain and tidal waters of Virginia, and the categorization of the Division of Shellfish Sanitation (DSS) shellfish growing areas to determine if some are similar enough for water quality models to be effectively transferred from the modeled growing areas to other areas. This report summarizes the data and statistical analyses and discusses the results. Note: The digital data has a very fine resolution. The maps displayed in this report cannot convey this information on 8.5x11" paper. All digital data layers (shape files and grids), digital maps (jpgs), data files (excel files) and a digital copy of this report (pdf format) are included on 3 cdroms that accompany this report. The cdroms include a text file (called Readme.txt) that provides an explanation of each of the data layers and pertinent information in the tables contained in the data layers.



Shellfish fisheries, Mapping, GIS, Enterobacteriaceae, Virginia

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