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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Data report (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) ; no. 57.


The objective of this portion of the study was to collect LIS ST time series at times corresponding to collection of pumped samples of suspended sediment across the width of the surf zone during a major field experiment called SandyDuck '97. The pumped samples were analyzed for total percent sand (>60 micron), total percent mud (0.8 - 60 micron), organic content and sand size distribution. The LISST measures the particle size distribution from 5-500 microns. The purpose was to provide a high quality data set of pumped samples with which to later test the sensitivity of indirect measurements of suspended sand concentration to the presence of suspended mud. The response of OBSs is known to be particularly sensitive to the presence of suspended mud (turbidity) due to the inverse response of OBS output to grain size. Better constraints on the proper interpretation of OBS time series will improve confidence in conclusions with regards to net along-shelf transport of sand during storms. Standard analysis of the pumped samples does not provide the size distribution of the mud portion of the suspended particles. The LISST time series help fill this gap



Suspended sediments -- North Carolina -- Duck -- Measurement

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Research sponsored by the U.S. Army of Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, Contract DACW39-98-K-0035, and by the National Science Foundation, Ocean Sciences Division Grant OCE-9504198