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The Center for Coastal Resources Management at VIMS has been engaged with continuing education and training for a mixed audience over the past 35 years. Marine contractors and consultants play an important role in the evolving field of tidal shoreline management. This Creative Adaptation Fund project investigated the unique training needs of this private sector audience and attempted to define the best format and delivery for a Coastal Resources Certificate Program. It was determined that training needs for shoreline professionals can be met with a multi‐day short course that includes both classroom and field settings. This private sector audience expressed a willingness to pay for training that is comparable to estimated course tuition. Supplemental funds may still be necessary to support all program costs. The proposed pilot course has not been held yet because essential course content and revisions to the training manual are still underway. We are also pursuing a broader public‐private partnership that supports and endorses the course and its contents to enhance the credibility and popularity of the certificate program.


College of William & Mary Creative Adaptation Fund - Project Report



Living Shorelines, Training, Certification Programs, Coastal Development

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