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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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One goal of this management plan is to provide more habitat-friendly management strategies which utilize the creation of marshes and beaches for shore protection rather than hardening the coast. Many of these strategies have been implemented around the Bay. These approaches include creating a marsh fringe by direct planting of the existing substrate, adding sand, and adding sand with stone sills. On more open coasts, breakwaters and beach fills can be built to achieve a stable sandy habitat of beaches and dunes. These “Living Shoreline” strategies can, if properly designed and constructed, provide shore protection as well as create a viable vegetated fringe that 1) restores natural functions and 2) provides a water quality buffer. The fundamental objective of the living shoreline approach is to protect eroding shorelines while also enhancing water quality and habitat for living resources in the Bay.



Shoreline Management, Shoreline Protection, Quantico, Virginia