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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special Scientific Report (Virginia Institute of Marine Science); No. 18


The data included in this report have resulted from a series of monthly offshore cruises conducted by the Ichthyology Research Section. The cruises were made to obtain information on the distribution and abundance of pelagic eggs and larvae of fishes. Since the biological results will be reported in a series of separate papers (Joseph, Massmann and Norcross, 1961), it was felt that the raw hydrographic data shpuld be made available in a single source.

The area covered is approximately 2500 square nautical miles of the neritic zone within the 20-fathom contour. The shore line encompasses the mouth of Chesapeake Bay and extends from False Cape on the south to Wachapreague Inlet on the north. Within this area are 22 stations arranged in four transects of four stations and two transects of three stations. Three additional stations are within lower Chesapeake Bay. Surface and bottom temperatures and water samples were obtained at each station.



Hydrology--Virginia--Atlantic Coast; Water--Virginia-Atlantic Coast--Analysis