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Oceanographic, water quality, and modeling studies for the outfall from a proposed Nansemond waste water treatment plant : Addendum

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Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Special report in applied marine science and ocean engineering ; no. 86 Addendum.


During 1974 the Virginia Institute of Marine Science conducted a series of oceanographic, water quality and modeling studies for the outfall from the proposed Nansemond Wastewater Treatment Plant (VIMS, 1975). One of these studies included dye releases to determine the dispersion and transport of material discharged to Hampton Roads near Pig Point. These dye releases were made from the munitions loading piers known as "Foxtrot".

The proposed outfall, as given in the Facilities Plan is located roughly one kilometer to the east-south-east of Foxtrot. Tidal circulation in Hampton Roads is quite complex and there was concern that the distribution patterns for material released at the two sites would differ appreciably. Therefore a fine scale circulation study was conducted in the vicinity of Foxtrot.


An Addendum to Oceanographic, Water Quality & Modeling Studies for the Outfall from a Proposed Nansemond Waste Water Treatment Plant. See:



Tidal currents -- Virginia -- Hampton Roads; water quality; shellfish; refuse disposal facilities; environmental quality